Enjoying Our New Apartment at Cedars of Edina in Minnesota

Anytime you move from one apartment to the next, you want it to be an upgrade. Who wouldn’t? You want your next apartment to make up for any shortcomings of the last place where you lived. We found that when we were looking at a website for Cedars of Edina in Minnesota. The kitchen having quartz countertops is really nice. No more of that plastic veneer over what looks to be glued wood chips. This is real quartz that is smooth, easy to care for and looks beautiful. The other stuff other apartments use looks cheap.

The next thing we liked is stainless steel appliances. Very modern and give the kitchen such a nice look. We also have big walk-in closets for storing everything. No more plastic bins under the bed or stacked in the corners. One thing we both really like is the heated underground parking in the winter months. As a bonus, Cedars of Edina also have underground tunnels that are heated that lead over to their on site Club Cedars. My wife and I enjoy the indoor pool and spa tub in the winter, and we use the outdoor pool and spa tub in the summer. The outdoor pool is also heated, so we can still enjoy late-season swimming outdoors. This place is all about providing comfort to their residents. Amenities like this can make you feel like royalty.

We have been enjoying the fitness center and the koi pond and turtle habitat too. I also visit the sauna about three times per week. My wife goes with me about once per week. I like that heat, she does not enjoy it so much. She does, however, enjoy the treadmills and other fitness machines in front of the huge windows that give a great outdoor view. That is her winter exercise, but she jogs in the summer. I do cross-country skiing in the winter.

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